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83 rd Annual Ice Carnival Details:


Date:  Sat April 7th at 2:00 pm

 (Tickets: 10.00 adult/5.00 per student/under 5 free)



Carnival Reminder and Changes (As of March 27, 2018)


 Dress Rehearsal


 For those in the first half please arrive at 4:30pm


 Dress Rehearsal Starts at 5:15pm.


 For those in the first half, as soon as your child’s group is done they will be brought back to the change rooms, to get changed and brought to the sign in and out desk.


 Time Change: For those in the Second half please arrive at 5:15 pm.


 For those in the second half, they will be practicing a closing number once all groups have had their run through. Once they have practiced the closing number they will return to the change rooms and change and then be brought to the sign in/out desk




Show Day


For those in the first half please arrive 1 hr. prior to show time.


First half skaters will be ready for pick up at intermission


Second half skaters please arrive 30 mins. before show time.


Second half skaters will be ready for pick up at the end of the show.


Please remember to have a warm sweater or jacket (a thick warm housecoat would work as well if you have one) for both dress rehearsal and show day. A small blanket as kids will be brought out to watch the show on show day.






We are increasingly excited as this year’s ice show grows nearer!  This will be a wonderful opportunity for our club to display the hard work of our skaters!  A day for everyone on the ice to shine like the stars and enjoy the talents of some award winning skaters as well!

Each session our coaches are dedicating time to work on the ice show numbers so it is important for your skater to be at all practices.  Please review all of the important dates and information below:



  1. Several of our volunteers have been helping skaters fit/label costumes and our seamstress will do basic alterations. If your child hasn’t been fitted yet, don’t panic, if you confirmed they wanted to participate, we tagged a costume with their name. Our volunteers have over 100 skaters to organize costumes for so please be patient and be sure to ask questions to our board members.
  2. There is no extra fee for costume rental this year.
  3. Each costume will be labelled with your skater’s name and remain at the arena at all times, skaters will not be wearing them home as they have been rented not purchased. Please only dry snacks and water while in costume!! No chocolate or sticky staining items!
  4. There are some items your skater will need to provide for costumes (i.e. back pants/beige tights etc.) – see handouts at tag table or refer to bulletin board at office.
  5. If your skater wears a helmet they will be required to wear it for the show as well. It will be removed for pictures. (level 5 and under must wear helmets on ice)


PICTURE DAY: Sat Feb 24th and Sun Feb 25th

Please be ready in Costume 10mins before Picture time

  1. Anne Bedard Photography will be on site to take professional shots of our skaters for the program, which we sell, to help cover ice show costs. As well, you may purchase photos of your skater if you wish.  Forms available now or picture day.  Sheets were handed out with your skaters costume info. and photo day schedule .Please be sure to have neat and tidy hair, you may choose to wear make-up, NO Jewelry except for small earrings.


Photo order form: Carnival Photo Form 2018 revised (2) (1).pdf

Please email us if you have questions! Please note your skater will need skate guards labelled with their name please.



 If you child is NOT Participating in the Carnival the last day of skating is Sun March 18th and Tues March 20th.    

For CanSkate, Pre can and Can skate levels 1-5, both Sunday & Tuesday skaters, Extra carnival practices will be Tues March 7nd and Tues April 3rd.         


 Full Costume Dress Rehearsal Thursday April 5th:  RED PAD


  2. Please sign in your child at our security desk and your child will continue on to supervised dressing rooms
  3. Conveners will guide skaters to the assigned dressing room. Parents are not permitted to remain with their skater, if you wish to remain with your child please officially volunteer as a convener.  Convener’s will also be tying skates and helping with costumes.
  4. If your skater is performing in the first half of the show, the convener will untie skates and hang costumes/nametags and will be brought to the security desk at intermission to be signed out, this way out of respect to the other skaters we don't have everyone moving during the show. 
  5. Hair and makeup are the parent/skater’s responsibility (a little colour on the cheeks and lips is suggested).
  6. Please note your skater will need skate guards labelled with their name please.


Ice show Day Saturday April 7th: 2:00pm RED PAD


  1. All skaters who perform in the first half of the show should be signed in 1 hour before ShowTime as we require them to be dressed and seated before show starts. All skaters in the 2nd half please be there 15mins prior to show time.
  2. There will be an opening number for the skaters in the first half, Can Skate Stage 1 and up. There will be a finale for the skaters in the second half.
  3. If your skater will not be performing in the second half, they will be brought to the security desk to be signed out with their group at the intermission. Please be patient as each child must be signed out.
  4. Please note your skater will need skate guards labelled with their name please.


Show Tickets and Programs:

  1. Cost of tickets: Adults, 00, Students, 5.00 and under 5 years old are free (Skaters who perform do not require tickets)
  2. Programs with show details are available for a low cost and help with proceeds going to cover the cost of the show. These also make a memorable keepsake for your skater!
  3. Be sure to get coaches or friend autographs!
  4. Please Email us if you have any questions at